Operation Big Butt – Week 1 and 2

Exercise and eating healthy is so vital to living a stable life with Bipolar Disorder. I have mentioned previously that this was going to be my focus going forward so I thought… why not blog about it and have you guys follow me on this journey and also be there to hold me accountable!

I started on January 8th and gave myself a goal of working out 5/7 days, which I completed. My week looked like this:

Monday Jan 8/18 – 10 Min Cardio/Bicep/Chest ~                                                                Tuesday Jan 9/18 – 10 Min Cardio/core/shoulders ~                                                          Wednesday Jan 10/18 – Rest ~                                                                                                    Thursday Jan 11/18 – 10 Min Cardio/Tricep/Back ~                                                              Friday Jan 12/18 10 Min warm up/Legs ~                                                                          Saturday Jan 13/18 – Rest ~ Jan 14/18 – 30 Min Yoga

This week hasn’t been so good…. LOL. I only worked out on Tuesday because I have been feeling incredibly tired. I thought it was just going to be for a couple days and I would get over it… not the case unfortunately. At first I thought I was just exhausted due to working out last week and being out of the gym for so long… then I thought it was because I wasn’t going to bed early enough… Now we are at Thursday and around 2pm, I could have crawled in to bed. I started to worry a spell of depression was trying to creep up but the weird thing is that I have not been in a bad mood at all. Usually if I’m tired, you better get the fuck out of my way. So… after going through all the reasons on why I am so tired, I have come to conclusion it’s my diet. I have cut down on my intake quite a bit, probably too much. I noticed every time I eat, I get energy for a little bit then crash again. This will sound weird but I also noticed when I don’t eat enough, my boobs feel deflated… and they feel like that right now HAHA… I know it sounds ridiculous but I kid you not. Flat boobies over here LOL... I feel hallow everywhere really… no bloating though, which has been awesome! ANYWAY……… I am going to get to the gym tomorrow and on Sunday then get back at it next week and start tracking my food. Back in 2015 when I was going to the gym consistently with my sister in-law, I was tracking my food on MyFitnessPal, going to the gym 5-6 days a week and I felt GREAT. I’m going to have to start eating more and hopefully I will feel better. I’ll update next Friday 😀 Wish me luck!

P.S- It is Friday and I have detoured a bit from my healthy diet. I had pizza and it was so fucking delicious and a French Vanilla. I am feeling goooooood. I am not going to be hard on myself about this hiccup but I am aware that I need to find healthy options to cure this tiredness. During this journey I am going to allow myself to indulge once in a while because a healthy mind is more important than a cranky one. I’m a strong believer in moderation. In no way am I trying to validate eating like shit, people need to understand the difference between eating like shit for every meal every day and indulging one meal/snack a week. Previously, I used to be extremely hard on myself for eating an unhealthy meal or snack. This caused me to have mood swings and eventually fall off the wagon completely. It was a vicious and unhealthy cycle for someone with Bipolar Disorder. This time, I’m going to take things slow, be more educated and enjoy the ride.

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