Operation Big Butt – Week 3

Killing it!

My gym partner, from 2 years ago, has joined me again which is great. Keeps me accountable and helps me get my ass out of bed in the morning. I have always wanted to wake up at 5am so I could have more free time to work out, clean up a bit and get ready for the day. This week my internal clock was waking me up at 4 every day and I had to force myself to sleep till 5!

My workout routine was the same as last week. Going to try to squeeze in some yoga on Sunday then have my weekly bath with oils, candles and a good book (I started reading The Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teicholz). I have realized I need both of these in my life to keep me at peace and really helps quiet the mind. I also have a bad habit of not stretching after workouts so yoga helps keep me loosey goosey :P.

My diet has been 90% good. I snuck in 2 spoon fulls of cookie dough and tonight I will be having subway for dinner, oreos, a chocolate bar, beer, wine and fireball… so that will need to be worked off next week. Haha! With that being said, I am not going to put stress on myself for going off track with my diet because I want to enjoy this new journey and that is something I did not do in the past which set me up for failure. I would hate myself for drinking or having junk food, then I would get bitchy, then I would binge for a week or two to make myself feel better which was not the result… it was a love-hate relationship. I want a relationship with my health to be aaaaalll love baby!

Exercising and eating well does fucking wonders for me. I have been stable all week, things that would usually set me off have not even impacted me at all, I’m happy, I feel balanced and productive. I had to go buy a new fitbit this week – I got the Flex 2 for $60 (Facebook market – SCORE!) and that has been helping me to keep moving. I even noticed when I sit for too long or start to feel tired, I bang out 100 steps and I feel awesome.

I’m going to keep this momentum going. Next weekend I will be home all weekend so it will be easy to stay on track with my diet and I plan on throwing in a cardio day as well.

I hope everyone is doing great and reaching your weekly goals. Have a great weekend ❤



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