Operation Big Butt – REVAMP

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So I’m starting over.

Ya that’s right. Time to switch things up.

Week 1/Day 1

I have been doing my usual routine and I feel like I am getting nowhere. As you read in my last post.. half-assing it. I feel like I’m just cruising along like a turtle. So I’m going to change things up.

Last week I took some before photos (I have so many from previous “beginnings” LOL) and I took measurements. I have been obsessing how to go to the next level because what I have been doing isn’t working for my body… or my brain. So it’s time to do a switch-a-roo.

My usual routine is; Monday = Bicep/Chest, Tuesday = Abe/Core, Wednesday = Tricep/Back, Thursday = Legs, Friday = HIIT/Cardio Circuit, and Weekend is Rest.

I will continue to do that and obviously switch it up every so often. I will now be adding 30 minutes on the stairmaster in as many days in a row as I can, following my morning workouts. Three evenings a week I will be doing Katy Hearn’s “Build a Booty” routine. On weekends, instead of 0 activity rest days, I will transition over to active rest days which will either be yoga, walking, or a light jog.

Today was Day 1 of week 1. Yes that’s right, complete revamp = complete start over. I started with a 10 minute jog (Speed 5/incline 2), worked on my Biceps and Chest where I increased the weight so I went to failure on most exercises, did 30 minutes on the stairmaster then this evening I finished off with Day 1 of Week 1 of the Build a Booty program. My legs and arms currently feel like jello… 😀

As for my diet… I am cutting out sweets. No cupcakes (mmmm), No chocolates bars, No donuts, nothing that has negative effects on my body and most importantly, my brain. The second hardest to cut down on will be drinking. Instead of saying I’m quitting completely and setting myself up for failure, I’m going to allow myself a 2 drink maximum. I do want to quit… I struggle with it. I struggle because of the socializing that is connected with it and the fun I have when I’m drunk which is an issue. I become someone so happy and outgoing when I drink, I need to quit getting drunk so I can learn to be that carefree person when I’m sober. She’s deep down in there but so terribly afraid of rejection and being judged. So far so good though, no drinks since last weekend when I almost died (LOL).

Last but not least, I am going to be reading till my eyes bleed about what the best protein powders are to take and what I need to make a fast recovery. I have been eyeing Kaged Muscle products by Kris Gethin, but I’m a cheap ass and impatient when it comes to having to order stuff. I’m trying some from Vita Health right now so we will see how it goes.

Well that’s it for today.

Stay tuned for this weeks post on creating goals when you have Bipolar Disorder.

Much love!


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