Operation Big Butt – Week 1 Recap

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Week 1 complete!!

Physically, I’m feeling great! I have been eating better; lots of protein, fruit and veggies. I had a cheat meal (pizza) and a couple cheat snacks (chips and 1 chocolate bar) but even after eating them, I was not bloated or moody like I usually am. So far success.

My workouts have been great. I was doing my regular routine, plus Katy Hearn’s Build A Booty, PLUS 30 minutes on the stairmaster everyday…. it turned out to be too much. SO! I am focusing on doing my regular routine and Katy Hearn’s Build A Booty and then on the days I’m not going Katy Hearn’s workout, I’m doing the stairmaster for 30 minutes. It’s much more balanced and once I’m done Katy’s workout, I’m going to switch over and try to do the stairmaster everyday for 30 days.

My only downfall this week were my rest days… I took 3 in a row… eeeekk. I didn’t do leg day this week, which is on Fridays, because they were sore as hell from the stairmaster. Then my boyfriend and I had a lazy day on Saturday, then went fishing today and had another lazy day aaanndd my ear has been plugged since Saturday morning so that has been annoying. Anyway, I’m a bit conflicted with myself because on one hand, I’m disappointed I didn’t have active rest days like I planned but on the other, I loved spending quality time with my boyfriend. We had a great weekend ❤

Next weekend I am going to try to do the active rest days, despite the plans I have! I have been surrounded by sick people so I’m focusing on eating right and taking my vitamins, I don’t think I’m in the clear yet, especially with this weird ear I got. Send me healthy vibes so I don’t get sick. Haha.

Well I am ready to take on this upcoming week. I hope you all had a great weekend as well and have a great week.


P.S No booze so far either ❤ Woohoo!



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