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Happy Birthday!

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Today, Bipolar Biotch is 1 year old!!!

Holy shit! Where did the time go?! It’s been a whole year of me baring my soul to you, being completely uncut and growing with you. I started this blog with the intention of helping at least 1 person in any way, to find their voice, to seek help, to conquer their fears, to help them move on and grow in some way… and I achieved that. Then, this blog turned into not only a platform for me to share my journey through my Bipolar mind, but also became extremely therapeutic and helped me grow as a person. This blog has made my mind not feel so cluttered. It’s showed me what I need to work on to grow even more. I’ve spoken up about my struggles, created unfinished goals, told dark secrets, learned the importance of appreciation, showed my self-pity, showed my self-confidence, my depression and anxiety, my lack of drive, my anger, all my moods and I have been 100% truthful the whole way through.

Even after a full year of blogging (Minus my break after my accident), I’m still not used to being so vulnerable at times, so exposed. I still feel self-conscious, still feel like I’ve said too much but I always have to remind myself that this is what needs to happen in order for people to understand what I go through, what it’s like to have Bipolar Disorder 2.

I’ve come a long way from my first post. I was in a depressive episode for about 10 months when I started writing. I really don’t think I fully got out of it until March 2018, after I had my accident, which means I was in a depression turned high-functioning depression for about 14 months. I look back on those days and I remember not ever feeling right and I was constantly struggling with gaining control of my life and feeling grounded.

My life changing moment was losing my fingers on my left hand. I realized everything I took for granted… my family, my friends, my home, my health, and even my job. I was putting so much pressure on myself and setting unreachable standards that it was causing me to become depressed easily. I was trying to do so much at once, jumping into goals with no plan, not listening to what my mind and body needed, constantly giving in to what feels good in the moment rather than putting in the work to gain long-term satisfaction (which is what I still need to work on). I see all my flaws now and I see how to get better. I have gotten better from a year ago today, SO much better but I still have a ways to go.

I now know what goals are important to me, what I need to change about myself to achieve them, and how important it is to plan before executing. I know all this from seeing my own failing patterns in the last year. I see all this now because of a blog I started, a blog I said would probably only last a few months, a blog I jumped into, a blog that has actually helped me change my life.

I thought my journey would have ended by now but in the last week I realized that goals that you love and are passionate about get completed effortlessly. Goals that don’t get completed mean you don’t love it, you haven’t planned for it or it’s just not the right time. Turns out I have fired up my passion for writing again! I have an actual hobby now haha.

With that being said, HUGE thank you to my family and friends who have supported, and continue to support, me every step of the way. I could not have done this without you. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.

You probably noticed some changes as well… so lets go over them;

  • New simple and clean lay out.
  • My new logo– which was created by my amazing boyfriend. (He’s the best)
  • The Menu at the top is where you can find out About me, how to Contact me, and the Categories for my categorized and archived blog posts
  • If you are on a computer, the right hand side is where you can access my recent posts on my Facebook and Instagram pages. If you are on a mobile phone, they will be accessible at the bottom of the page after the latest 5 posts.
  • Underneath the Facebook and Instagram feeds, you will be able to follow the books I have read and reviews I have left on my Goodreads. I love reading so I’m super excited to share this with you.
  • Bottom left is where you can click to Subscribe Via Email.
  • I have also created a new Instagram and Facebook page that will be exclusively for my blog now. Please follow by clicking on each of the side links 😀

Again, thank you to everyone who has read and/or continues to read my blog. I’m looking forward to what lies ahead!

In celebration, I’ve attached a link below to the post that started it all… Enjoy ❤


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