Sometimes my feelings drive me crazy
I know sometimes I make no sense
But here you are standing baby
Trying to make sense of me

I love you because of what you stand for
Always with me fighting this war
I always smile looking back
At all the times you’ve made me laugh
In the darkness and in the light
You’ve always been the one to never lose sight
Of our love, of our life

My Bipolar will always get the best of me
Yet you still give me the best of you
You found me when I was at my worst.
Bruised and broken, yet you were the first
To show me love, show me trust
Show me this wasn’t just lust
You showed me I was someone worth love
Helped me heal, showed me what life is made of

Now I can’t think of my life any other way
You are the first thing I think of when I wake
And when you’re not near, it’s my heart that aches.
I feel safest when you are around
For the first time in my life I can let my guard down
You’ve made me whole, you’ve made me kind
Best of all, you’ve calmed my mind
The woman in the mirror, I no longer hate
and these shoulders no longer carry such weight

Now I’ll always keep trying to be my best
My bipolar mind will be the true test
But on the days I come unglued
What keeps me going is that life makes sense with you

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