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The Tin Box Book Review

!!!!! Spoiler Alert !!!!!

– The Tin Box by Holly Kennedy –

I do like Holly Kennedys writing, its easy to read and easy to envision yourself in the scenery. But I feel since the book was moving so quickly, there could have been less scenery lay outs and more background on the characters, a smoother lead up to big moments in the book rather than a bunch of little jumps to parts that I really didn’t think held any substance. Overall, it was a book I would reccommend. I personally disliked the main character, I feel her experiences as a child should have shaped her to make better decisions as an adult. She did not grow up with a mother so she knew how it felt to not have a parent, her son deserved to know his real father.. when he was alive… she knew her son was healthy so keeping that secret from Tommy was completely selfish and a very poor decision. She kept him from knowing his real father and also kept him from a family who was so full of love and kindness who had accepted her with open arms. She made her decision because it was the easy way out for her and no one else. She came off as extremely self-centered. Like when her son lost his leg, she some how made it all about her and her feelings being hurt. She should have been the one to bring him to Tommy to teach him a valuable life lesson about apperances and limits. In the end, I feel she was surrounded by people who were too good for her. Tommy was truly a beautiful human being and we need more people like him in the real world. I think the reason I dislike the main character is because I didn’t get the feeling in the book that she truly understood the pain that her actions had caused… she never really understood the consequences. Other than that, I enjoyed the story and all the other chartacters. Great read!

– I give it a 7/10 –
#1 of 24 of my reading challenge.

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