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The Light We Lost Book Review

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-The Light We Lost by Jill Santopolo-

I enjoyed the writing perspective of the book. It was different. It was an easy read and flowed very nicely. A book lots of people can relate to. The author was well articulated in describing what different loves can feel like and how life can make it difficult for you to know if you’ve made the right decision, even if the decision wasn’t yours to make. You see the main character fighting with this through the book, a love so limitless but yet someone elses decision to leave… a decision has to be made to wait or to move on.. and to move on, to not settling for the same or settling for something different. I think this is a fight many people go through that was well written and one that pulls at the heart-strings. It seemed the main character didn’t really want to move on so it was hard for her to appreciate and completely give herself up to her husband, which wasn’t fair to him or her. At times I wanted to shake her and tell her to open her eyes to what she had…but as the saying goes “The heart wants what the heart wants”

– I give it a 9/10 –
#2 of 24 of my reading challenge ❤

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