How can I forgive
After doing what you did
I couldn’t imagine doing that to my daughter
That is not the role of a father
Hands in dirt to hands in my shirt
Innocence lost, just like my mind
Trying to cover up my skin
While my mind uncovered demons
That was the start of the aftermath
Drinking and drugs
Because who gave a fuck
Ignoring what the problem really was
Or should I say who
Because it was you
Did you know I kept your secret safe
And it was myself who I began to hate
I let you off scott free
Left to carry the burden was only me
I became filled with anger and hate, my heart turned black
the chance of survival, the odds were stacked
Against me of course, things were going south
But there was a light that you couldn’t put out
Deep down inside me, a chance of survival
You can’t find this shit in the bible
No higher power, no god to thank
For it was ME who found, I had the strength
A hope that I would get out of this hell I lived in
A realization, this mother fucker was born to win
So here I am, a strong woman today
I think it’s about time to shed this hate.
A weight that has become too much to carry
I’ve come to terms with that you’ll never be sorry
No more excuses for you that I’ll make
Thank you for showing me how much I can take.
So how do I find it in my heart to forgive?
I think I owe it to myself, it’s my time to live.
I have decided to accept what has been done
I’m climbing this mountain, I’m movin on.
This forgiveness that I give is something that’s for me.
This badass bitch is ready to be free.

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