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Image result for bittersweet by sarina bowen
– Bittersweet – Sarina Bowen –

I’m surprised how much I really enjoyed this book! It all flowed nicely, it was believable and the sex scenes didn’t drag on longer then they needed to. I enjoyed that there was much more depth to the story than I expected… nothing I find more annoying when it’s all about the sex and they lose the story. The characters were easy to like, and the descriptive writing made me feel like I was literally in Vermont. The main reason I scored it an 8 was because this is a classic love story; boy meets girl, girl has self-esteem issues, boy hardworking and doesn’t know how to express his true feelings, they figure out whats important, the end. It was too predictable to earn it a 10. Will I read another one of her books in this series? Maybe when I’m feelin lonely 😉

– 8/10 –

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