Professional Beginner

Well since I’m out of the great depression… time to get at completing my main goal this year – Getting rid of the extra cushion! I know, I know… I can sense the eye-rolls because I’m “the girl who cried wolf.” I get it. I’m well aware how many times I restart, but at least I keep trying right? I don’t want to make excuses but when I’m not eating healthy, not exercising and am using alcohol, my mind isn’t consistent. I need good food and a good exercise, no alcohol or sweets to be stable, to be in goal crushing mode.

So this last week I’ve started getting leg cramps from sitting too much, I’m always tired and my body feels restless. It was time to get back at it for me physically, my mental health and so I can prove to myself that I can fucking do this. I’ve started small. In the coming weeks I will up my water intake (to meet the recommended requirement of 8 cups), lower alcohol intake (2 drink maximum), start running on the treadmill to get my cardio up and start integrating a healthier meal/snack here and there.

Today was simple, but enough to wake me up and stable my running mind.     3 min speed walk, jog at a steady pace for 12 min, 3 min speed walk and 2 min cool down, 5 min trying not to die from a heart attack LOL.

This is Day 1.

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