Sunday Checkin

☆Beginning of the week check in☆
What a perfect morning for an hour long stroll on the treadmill.. wish I was outside but just gotta be patient. Fuckin winter 🙄
For some, today is a day of relaxation. For me, my day will be filled with my family, grocery shopping, meal prep, getting the hubby ready for his fishing trip this week, laundry, maybe a facemask and some reading followed by an early bedtime. 👌
I must add that it feels amazing not waking up on the weekend with alcohol in my system. I also realized that another relationship I need to break is with sugar.. everytime I eat it I get moody after. No alcohol and no sweets makes for a very pleasant me. Sounds so fun right? 😂 #sacrifices
Anyway, I’m setting myself up for success this week. I hope you are too. This is only #day4 of my fitness journey. Cheers to 10,000 more 🍵

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