Quality Time With Me

Hey! I am feeling excited today and I needed to spill. I am HOME.ALONE. Weird that I’m pumped, right? Don’t get me wrong, if you have read my previous posts you will know, I absolutely adore my boyfriend… BUT, we all need some time alone to just be alone with ourselves, pamper ourselves, be left to our own devices and remember to enjoy our own company.

It’s not like I have big plans to go out drinking blasting ‘Single Ladies’… I’m pumped to just relax. My evening is going to consist of lounging in my robe, heated blanket on me, working on my new playlist on google play, playing in my Bullet Journal, applying a face mask, watching Shameless and a chick flick. To sum it up, I’m placing my ass on the couch until it’s bedtime. LOL!

To be honest, I’ll probably miss my man tonight when I go to bed. What about tomorrow? Most likely… but I’ll keep myself busy. Friday? Definitely, but I’ll be busy packing for our fishing trip this weekend and I work in the evening. Then we will be reunited.

I used to be envious of couples who have a spouse who works out of town, but I know I would hate it after the first couple times. I love my boyfriend, he is my best friend and we have a lot of fun together every day, we’ve been inseparable since we met (except for my month vacation I took.. haha). I think us having more than a day apart a couple times a year is healthy. Absence makes the heart grow fonder right?

Well, I’m taking advantage of this time to give myself some love, spend quality time with me. Below I’ve shared with you some pages from my Bullet Journal… This is my first one so be gentle :p. I find it very therapeutic and I enjoy having a visual of my progress and plans. I’ll share more, the more I create. I already know for my next one I’m going to try to be more neat. I need to learn to not rush. I’m learning as I go.

Enjoy your Wednesday<3

From top left to bottom right; Inspirational page, habit trackers for steps and water goals, workouts, missed time at work and lates, 2019 book challenge and a random Q&A.

The large photo is an example of how I track my daily to-dos, supper for that day and any events or appointments. The beginning of the month I have a page to set goals, beginning of each week I have a page for what I need to accomplish that week (not displayed), and the end of the month, a page for that months accomplishments (displayed). Starting at the top smaller photo; I have a coloring page for each month, my “before” measurements, reminders for love and gratitude, monthly calendars to glance at as a whole, favorite music pages, 2019 goals and a habit tracker for things that don’t need cleaning every day. 

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