I’ve Created A Monster!

Well I must have been feeling like some kind of hero when I created this yesterday. I decided to give it a try this morning and boy… I am out of shape. I knocked it down to 30 seconds for each move and I didn’t think I would ever catch my breath LOL. I figured since I have been running almost everyday that I could bang this out no problem. Wow, was I ever wrong haha. EMBARRASSING!
I will be sticking to the 30 seconds until I am able to breath properly. Tonight I am trying another one out with my sister-in-law (I made 7) so that is going to be funny, I am fully prepared to be swore at! Lol! I created these for her and I because we have decided to sign up at the gym together again. We used to go together a few years ago, we had a good routine (lots of strength training, cardio, circuits, HIIT), we both felt happy and in great shape. We both need that again. I”m excited to get back in an actual gym, just doing cardio is not the life for me.
On the healthy eating front, I’ve been doing good. I notice that pasta, bread and rice make me feel so bloated after so I’ll be lowering my intake of that to help get rid of this gut. What’s been keeping me on track is how badly I want to be confident in a bathing suit this year and how hard it is to find shirts that are loose around the midsection… I want to get a new cute bathing suit and buy any fucking clothes I want without worry!
Today is Day 14! 2 weeks in and I’m still a potbellied pig… but have no fear, I am well aware these things take time haha.
I also wanted to share with you a healthy snack I am in love with! I dip Gala apples into plain Oikos greek yogurt! The tart mixed with the sweet is deeelicious.
Anywho, I will be writing in a few days. Tootles ❤

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