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33 Days…

Today marks 33 days of stability! Yay! That means 33 days ago, my depression lifted and I decided to eat healthier and get active… so far I’ve stuck to it and so far my mind is loving it. I assume everyone around me is too.. LOL.

So in the last month what have I done?
~ Lowered sweet treats
~ Lowered alcohol intake
~ Increased water to 4 bottles a day
~ Started running/walking
~ Started full body circuits
~ Started eating healthy and doing meal preps for lunches

Other than my mood being stabilized, 2 major changes have happened.
1. My skin is clearing up!!! It feels amazing and I haven’t had any new breakouts in the last month.
2. For the first time in a long time, I didn’t feel out of my mind the week before my period!!! That’s huge! Turns out I just needed a change in diet and to get my ass off the couch. It was pure bliss, honestly!

What’s next?
– Start biking and/or running outside more (need that vitamin D :p)
– Go to bed earlier and get up earlier
– Create home workouts
– Up the intensity
– Make more time for self-care (baths, reading, nails painted etc..)
– Lower stress (plan weeks better for more time for fun)
– Create game plan if I fall off course
– Start meal prep for suppers

I’m going to continue to keep a healthy routine and continue to build healthy habits. Feeling normal for this long, it makes it very hard for me to want to dip back into my old bad habits, I’m so done with hangovers and sugar crashes. I used to go to alcohol because I didn’t think sober me was good enough or “cool” enough, but not drinking as much this month has been an eye-opener. I have realized, I like this feeling, I like feeling like myself. I’m excited to keep working towards my goal. The nice weather coming up will definitely help me stay on track. I’m ready to kick it into high gear!

Cheers to 33 more days! *Fingers Crossed*

*Day 20*

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