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Water Under The Bridge Review

– Water Under the Bridge by Britney King –

Apparently I love psychological thrillers!! This book was awesome! You never know who’s out-smarting who in this intense love affair of 2 killers. Kate and Jude both have quite a few skeletons in the closet but they are made for each other. Jude is the fixer while Kate is the wild one. Jude undermines Kate, while Kate continues to surprise Jude. I enjoyed that even though they are serial killers, you can still relate to them on a normal human level… Kate is your typical jealous girlfriend and Jude is your typical man who lacks at communicating and tries to protect his loved one from things he thinks she can’t handle. I love the wittiness, the secrets, the tricks, and the craziness. My only disappointment is that we only got a glimpse of Kate’s craziness (other than her need to kill). At the beginning of the book, she was talking to her imaginary father and having multiple mood-swings during it… Was it real? Or was she putting on a show because she knew Jude was spying on her? Was she testing him? I guess I will only find out by reading the rest of this trilogy! I give it a 9/10. It’s no Gone Girl, but it is a close 2nd for me. Excited to read the rest! What can I say? I do love the dark side ❤

– 9/10 –

P.S: This one was a good steal through Bookbub – Got it for free 🙂 If you haven’t subscribed to it, I highly recommend doing so!

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