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The Girls in the Garden Book Review

– The Girls in the Garden by Lisa Jewell –

*Spoiler Alerts*
I read one of Lisa Jewell’s books before, The House We Grew Up In… so I knew going into this that her stories evolve at a slower pace. Well this one was slower than the last and a bit anti-climatic. It was a nice light read, she developed the characters really well and made you want to have a terrace that connects onto a large communal garden. I feel the depth of the story would have been there if we had followed Grace instead of Pip. Even though they were so close in age, Grace seemed to have matured more after the traumatic events of their past. I feel following Grace through this would have lead us deeper into the story of the park and the other children in it. Instead, we got a view from a sister that didn’t want to be involved in her new surroundings, didn’t accept the change that was happening around her and seemed a lot more focused on getting her old life back than getting caught up in the drama. I loved Adel, her home, her way of raising her daughters and her open door policy. She was someone you wanted to be around, her home so inviting. My only problem with Adel, is the lack of discipline to her daughters after what they did. I understand the point was that they were protecting Tyler, they were backing her up like any sister would. But they should have at least talked to or disciplined by Adel in some way so they understood that this is not normal behavior, this is not how you deal with your problems. Are they just going to turn the other way when they kill the next new girl that comes to the park? I feel it should have been handled better given the seriousness of the situation and not just swept under the rug… Little Tyler was a fucking asshole too. Other than all that, it was alright. I may try another of her books in the future. I do enjoy her writing style, very descriptive, good visuals, fluent and her stories are always interesting. This one was a little slow for me but since I’m sick, that was ok. I do wonder how messed up her next book will be?!


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