It’s Time!

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It’s time to write again!!! I took a much needed break because I knew life was about to get so busy… and it did. Summers are always a chaotic time for me, camping, visiting friends, family and this summer my best friend got married!!! AAahh! that was super fun!! I wish we had like 2 day long weddings haha! I can’t believe summer is almost over though. This one feels like the fastest one ever! Sad to see it go but looking forward to getting back into routine again. I am in need of lots of reading, start up my journal again, baths, face masks, keeping my house clean, home cooked meals (no more takeout or processed shit), add some yoga and walking in there, and just relaxing at home with my family.

In my last post I was 75 days stable…I’m happy to say I have hit 180 :O!!! I thought I was slipping but then realized it was just PMS. LOL! In that post I had discussed how I was staying stable, what I needed more of to make sure I stay stable and that I wanted to focus more on myself and healing… well none of that happened… LOL! Way too busy. So with life slowing down now, I am looking forward to having free time so I can refocus and work on my goals again. That includes writing my blog again as well :D!

Something I did stick to is getting off social media. I deleted my Instagrams, removed over 100 people off my Facebook, so it was just close family and friends. I think it really helped keep my head healthy. I am going to reactivate my Instagram for my blog and see how that goes. Otherwise I feel I have more free time and I care way less about whats on social media and what I post. Spending time with friends and family in person is a much better way to keep up with them then to do so only online.

This summer has really been about building relationships. I feel closer to my step-daughter, we have had many moments of bonding and spending time just the 2 of us, I had a great evening with my sister in-law and we even tried something new and went to a night market together, I had a great day with my other sister in-law suntanning, dinner and edible cookie dough, and I have come out of this summer with someone who was just a friend but is now someone who is very near and dear to me. My boyfriend and I have never been better, we truly make a perfect team. He helps slow me down and appreciate the little things in life and boy does he make me laug. <3! These relationships are ones that I can say I will have for the rest of my life. Friends and family make the world go round!!!

I have to say my stability plays a part in all of this. It has made appreciate the people in my life even more. My relationships are growing because I am more level-headed. I am happier! I have more of me to give. I look back on who I was 2 years ago, even who I was when I started this blog, and I remember feeling like something was missing. Now, I can honestly say I feel whole. That is something I want to work on keeping that way. I feel happy moving forward into the unknown because I know who I have walking beside me.

So next week my goal is to clean my damn house!! Haha! And do a big, over due, grocery shop. The week after that is to start adding in 1 bath a week, face masks, yoga and walking. But before all that happens, I have 1 more camping trip to plan and pack for. I’m feeling eerily calm about this one.. it could be because I am a pro at getting my family ready or I just don’t care this trip. Either way, I’m looking forward to relaxing this weekend and slowing it doowwwnn!!

Anyway, It feels great to be back writing again. I’ll touch base next week!


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