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A Gathering of Secrets Review

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-A Gathering of Secrets by Linda Castillo-

*Spoiler Alert*
I have never taken to Detective/Cop stories. Unfortunately, this book pushed me even further from ever wanting to read another one. A Gathering of Secrets was tolerable, at best. I can’t tell you the amount of times that I rolled my eyes at things like; how some “mysterys” were so obvious but the writer made it as some “big” revelation, how repetitive her descriptions were throughout the book and the main character came off phony when trying to put on a tough front. Oh and then when she was so “heartbroken” over the 3 girls… umm excuse me lady… you meant them like… twice, how could you have such a deep emotional connection to them already. *EYE ROLL* I could pick away at this book but that would leave you with a long post. Let’s just say I didn’t like it.. AT ALL. I had trouble connecting with the characters and finding any depth to the story. I won’t be reading or recommending any of Linda Castillos books in the future. The writing was jerky and more creativity could have been used to make it more fluent…

-3/10 – Because I was able to come back and be curious about what happened next and finish it. The idea was there, the execution was not.

11 of 24 for my book challenge!

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