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Into the Water by Paula Hawkins

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– Into the Water by Paula Hawkins –

I really enjoyed the book. Jules was annoying for most of it and still don’t understand why she is always whispering to herself. Paula did a great job of getting the reader a feel for the town, how odd it was, the secrets, and the different characters. It was chaos. I was hoping for the murder to be by the same person and for a link between all the woman who have died in the water, like a cult or something. So I was disappointed that there was no link, not even between the 2 most recent ones. Because of that i didn’t LOVE the book. I also struggle when authors keep so much unknown for a good portion of the book, I feel paula dragged it it on in a bit too much. I was captivated and wanted to know… Then I started to get irritated the longer it dragged out. I understand the need for it but there is a sweet spot authors need to find when it’s time to start letting the reader know what the hell is going on. With all that being said, I did like the book and would reccomend is. Im a sucker for twisted mysteries.

-8/10-*12 of 24!

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