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Lie To Me By J.T Ellison

– Lie to Me by J.T. Ellison –

I hate leaving bad reviews but I hate being dishonest more. This book was so hyped up for me because it was being compared to Gone Girl, which I loved. Unfortunately, I found it to be cliche and predictable. It almost felt like the writer was trying out a new genre and with that came, trying too hard to fit in. I was waiting for BIG revelations, BIG twists only to be met with “oh… that’s it?” The whole time I had this feeling like I read this book before. A few things that would have made this better for me is hearing more from the villain, maybe her mom being involved, and a more serious crime or more complicated past, less of the book about Ethan and more about Sutton and her mental state… it just fell flat for me. 4 out of 10 because the author can write, it was descriptive, fluent, and easy to read. Oh well… On to the next!

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