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An American Marriage Book Review

– An American Marriage By Tayari Jones –

Hmm… there is just something about this book that made it impossible to connect with. I was really looking forward to this book based on all the hype.

Pros: I started off loving it. The first 3 chapters were great! Loved seeing the real struggles that Roy and Celestial were facing as a married couple in such an awful situation. Tayari Jones can write, made it easy for me to speed read my way through the rest of the book…

Cons: Even though the writing style was good… I found she would trail off on these little side stories too frequently that, I felt, could have been done without, they usually added no real value or insight. I could not connect to the characters… Celestial continued to deny she was a spoiled brat but that’s not how it came off and sending Dre to do her dirty work, it was like she was trying to divorce Roy through a text message. Dre should have stayed out of it and let Celestial deal with Roy, have Dre try to be the hero only made things worse. Roy’s actions were understandable: he was wrongfully accused, believed in his vows and his wife, he got mixed signals, and was living in a fantasy land thinking life would go back to normal. The downfall was the fact she had not talked to him in 2 YEARS… Roy was never portrayed as a hopeless romantic making his actions and goals unrealistic after his release.

I feel there was supposed to be some underlying life lesson, unfortunately I’m left confused and disconnected. Did I miss something? What was the moral of the story? Was this supposed to show me the struggles of African Americans in America? The struggles of marriage? I feel I have been duped.

I read another reviewers opinion and she had said “If Oprah wouldn’t have made this one of her picks and spoke so highly of it, it wouldn’t  have gotten nearly as popular.”

Boy, do I AGREE!!!!!

– 4/10 –
Book Challenge: 16 of 24

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