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We Were Liars Book Review

– We Were Liars By E. Lockhart –

Lockhart captured the freedom and rebellion of teenagers flawlessly. I felt the liars emotions, which were so strong, wild and free. I felt 15 again, I felt I was apart of the Liars. The twist, I did not expect. Once again, Lockhart showed her skill of capturing emotions and her ability to get the reader so deeply immersed in the story. I feel she didn’t need to draw a map of the island (which I’m glad she did) because she had described it so well. I was on the tiny beach, I was in the attic at Clairmont, I helped move the furniture in Cuddledown, I felt I was there through it all. The only con, not really even a con, was the description of Cadys feelings at parts. When she was heartbroken about her dad, it was described that she was shot and bled all over the flowers (for a moment I thought her Dad actually shot her) or her body cracking and her hands are cracks of ice or whatever… it was different and something I had to get used to, I found those moments to come out of left field. I understood why they were used because it did help explaining the deep emotion, the breaking of ones soul. It was new and different. I will definitely be reading one of her books again!

– 9/10 –
Book Challenge: 18 of 24

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