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When hurtful truths come to light, you can let it get you down but don’t let it keep you down.

I’ve been angry and I’ve cried a lot this past week. It was when I sat down with my boyfriend he asked me 2 things, How long have you been carry this? And what good has it done?

I answered, “Too long, and nothing.”
He then says 4 simple words, “Then let it go.”

He’s right. My anger and my hurt will not change people and their way of thinking. In order for me to move on is to accept that, take care of myself, my family and my friends and let it go.

So today, I’ll begin learning from this and let go of my anger. When people upset me, I’ll remember that’s on them and not on me. I’ll be kinder. I’ll find happiness again  and I’ll practice gratitude.

I’ll start to let it all go. I’ll start to heal. I’ll become stronger than before 🖤

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