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Friday Feels!

Hello, hello! Welcome to Friday Feeeeeelssss! A new addition to the Bipolar Biotch Blog where I talk about my top 5 songs of the week! I will go over why I love them and what the lyrics mean to me. Might even start reviewing new songs, whats trending and trying out new genres, we will see how this goes first. I’m just super excited to share with you my love of music and show you the array of genre’s I listen to. I hope to help you broaden your musical horizon and help you understand why music is the most important part of my therapy when it comes to dealing with my bipolar and really, my life.

So lets get to it!

This weeks list is going to be favoring rock music! My favorite genre!

  1. Better Than Life by Papa Roach
    Album: Who Do You Trust?
    Fav Lyric: “Make me feel like it’s better than life”
    I am going to see Papa Roach and Shinedown next week so I figured I better start making myself familiar with their music. I hadn’t listened to Papa Roach in probably 8 years, so it was time to reintroduce myself again, and I was very glad I did. This song is on their most recent album, “Who Do You Trust?” and I fell in love the instant I heard the chorus, which is a simple 1 liner “Make me feel like it’s better than life” repeated twice. I love that you can feel the energy and passion in the chorus. That, for me, is the difference between a good song and a great song. The techy vibe overlapping the instruments was another thing that drew me to the song. I like different and this made it not your average rock song.
    How I interpret the song is that he is saying make me fall in love with you, make me feel like it’s better than life. Most of us know how it feels to be stupid in love with someone, it’s one of the greatest feelings in the world. It feels better than life.
    When I fall in love with a new song, I will have it on repeat for about 2 weeks. This, my friends, is one of those songs right now.
  2. Monsters by Shinedown
    Album: Attention Attention
    Fav Lyric: “‘Cause my monsters are real, and they’re trained how to kill”
    Lets get this out of the way, Shinedown is one of my top 5 favorites. Brent Smith is a lyrical genius and Shinedown as a whole, are so incredibly talented. I have some lyrics tattooed on my arm, I am a die hard fan.
    This song really resonated with me. Brent relates this to the monsters of his alcohol and drug abuse. I relate it to my depression and even hypomania. The verse’s, I relate to my hypomania because he really is talking about doing something even thought it’s a bad idea. That’s exactly how you think in hypomania/mania, you don’t give a fuck what the consequences are. The chorus, I relate to my depression because that is the biggest monster for me, it is trained to kill you, doesn’t care about your feelings and it will never give up. If you deal with a mental illness or disorder, I highly recommend!
  3. Sucker Punch by Die Mannequin
    Album: Neon Zero
    Fav Lyrics: “Thought we had a connection boy, true love. And now I’m a slave for your bad touch”
    Die Mannequin is a rare gem. A band not known in the mainstream, but a good one nonetheless. It’s really awesome when you come across talented WOMEN in the rock industry, which is obviously male dominated.
    This song is one of my all time favorite tunes. It opens with a catchy guitar, one you can’t help but head bob to… or like me, pump up the good ole sign of the horns. (Displayed above). The song is about a girl falling for a guy who was playing her and has a girlfriend… we can all relate to those kind of scumbags. It is essentially a sucker punch when finding out the truth, being blind sided. A song unfortunately lots of us can relate to, both women and men. If you’ve been lied to by a boy, this a good one to rock out to.
  4. Roots by In This Moment
    Album: Ritual
    Fav Lyrics: “I’m stronger than I ever know, I’m strong because of you. I hit back a little louder, fuck you a little harder”
    Speaking of women in rock and roll… Let me introduce to you my all time favorite band, In This Moment!!!! If I could scream, I would have done what I can to get into music. Her music is a mixture of scream and beautiful vocal. She is all about her art, telling a story, theatrics and passion. Maria is my idol. I will be sharing many of her songs because well, I’m in love haha!
    Roots is a song that you can relate to if you have gone through any kind of shit in your life. It’s basically saying, to all the people who have hurt you (in my case my family – where my roots are from) that they made you stronger and a fighter. I like to look at it as a big fuck you. Tried to bring me down, not today mother fuckers. You can hear the passion and the anger. For me, I feel a release of my own bottled up anger, I feel it in her lyrics and the way she executes them. Many of her songs do that for me. She is my savior in that way. If you have anger issues or want to give a fuck you to the ones who hurt you. Turn it on and turn it fucking loud.
  5. Fine Again by Seether
    Album: Disclaimer 2
    Fav Lyrics: “And I am aware now of how everythings gonna be fine one day. Too late, I’m in hell”
    You want a song to relate to your depression, here you go. Given my depressive state in the last month.. this song has found it’s way through my speakers at least once a day. It perfectly describes the emptiness that people with depression suffer. Every day feels the same, everything is gray, your dreams expire, you’re in hell etc… Speaking of lyrical geniuses, Seether has a stack of albums all of which hold many great songs. He sounds IDENTICAL in concert. Another one of my favorites. I suggest not only listening to this song, but please check out his others. Truly talented. Also, next time you are trying to explain to someone what depression feels like, throw this tune on.

Thanks for reading! What will next week bring? You will have to wait and see!

Rock on!


14 thoughts on “Friday Feels!”

  1. I like your new series! I have a blog on tumblr for my fave music. I call it “Poppydanceystuff” because that’s a perfect description of what I’m into. Too bad you can’t put songs on WordPress

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Tumblr has limitations. And I found that most of the other bloggers on there are teenagers. I’m 40 something so needless to say I didn’t get much action on there! 😀


      2. I loved that stuff. I was living in NYC in the early 90s. Once I crossed paths with Flavor Flav on a sidewalk. And…totally true…KRS-1 lived in the penthouse of my building! I used to see celebrities all the time 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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