Book Club

Educated Book Review

– Educated By Tara Westover –

Tara is walking proof that it doesn’t matter where you came from, if you put your heart into it, anything is possible.

A book that is truly inspiring and easily relatable to many people. It was beautifully written and laid out so well, you could see the growth of a sheltered girl to an intelligent wise woman.

Tara’s story hit home for me. Everyone has their family’s beliefs taught to them and it doesnt always work for some individuals. I can relate! My family’s beliefs, values and manipulations took me many years to break from and it is now that I have decided to remove myself. Tara brings comfort in doing what is best for yourself despite the fear and pain that will go along with it.
Her story is one of hope, strength, persistence, and an undying hunger for knowledge. Thankful for this book coming into my life when it did, I’ve taken so much more from it than expected. Educated is a must read. It will teach you to see the light when life gives the illusion of impossibility.

– 10/10 –
Challenge: 23 of 24

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