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The Hate U Give Book Review.

– The Hate You Give By Angie Thomas –

The Hate U Give deserved the hype it got. It’s sad reading this because we know how much truth it unfortunately holds. We already know how difficult it is being a teenager, but imagine being a teenager growing up in the hood, going to a prep school away from the hood and being one of the few black kids in that school. We are shown by Starr how difficult it can be to be apart of 2 very different worlds. We watch as she struggles with doing the right thing or keeping everyone else happy. Despite what is thrown her way, she learns to fight for whats right and finds her voice to speak up. We have heard these stories in the news, the ones twisted by the media and the fingers pointed at someone who is only guilty by association and/or guilty because of the color of their skin. Thomas has taken us behind the scenes to help people understand first hand what it feels like to be around such injustice. That these people are PEOPLE. The Hate You Give will make you angry and sad but will show you the true meaning of hope for better days and the strength it takes to be the voice of change. I give it an 8/10 because of the strong message that is told. I had trouble connecting with the book on a deeper level, possibly due to the fact there are quite a few characters and I feel some emotion was missed. I understand it’s a 16 year olds perspective but there was just something missing for me. Overall, a book everyone should read and one everyone could learn from.

– 8/10 –
Book Challenge: 19 of 24

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