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The Home for Unwanted Girls Book Review

– The Home for Unwanted Girls By Joanna Goodman –


I was really looking forward to reading this one. Unfortunately, it wasn’t what I expected. I was looking forward to learning more about the Home for Unwanted Girls, I wanted more of Elodies story and less of her mother, Maggies. I found at times it didn’t have a good flow to it, seemed like Goodman was trying to fit SOOOO much information (irrelevant information) into parts. This caused it to lack emotion, depth and felt rushed. It would have been nice to have each chapter labeled by date because one minute shes at her aunt and uncles, all of a sudden she has moved to Montreal to live with her brother then BAM, she’s married. It was very difficult to follow the time line and life events.

I had a few eye-rolling moments. Some examples are:
– She can ONLY have babies with 1 man, otherwise she miscarries them.
– When she leaves her husband and tells Gabriel, he rejects her and she founds out shes pregnant with his baby.
– Her one true love came back into her life and met his son for the first time, then as they are having their beautiful moment, the phone rings and her Mom tells her, heartlessly, that her dad is dead.
– When she lies to Elodie about who she is but yet she can blatantly see the physical resemblances to her and Gabriel.
– Every time it was brought up that Maggie was heartbroken over her daughter she sent away, it seemed more like a fleeting thought then someone who was aching for a lost daughter.

I found Elodies section of the book flowed much better and was more enjoyable to read. The title made me assume that the story would have followed Elodie a lot closer and we were going to see a lot more of what happened in those orphanages but unfortunately the book followed Maggie for the most part.

In conclusion, the title is misleading because it is more focused on the mothers “struggle” and less on the actual orphanages. The jumping from date to date and trying to cram so much information in caused it to lose the emotional depth a novel like this should have and caused the big emotional moments to fall flat. Due to it being readable and enjoying Elodies side of the story, I rate it a 5 out of 10.

– 5/10 – 24 of 24 = Book Challenge Completed!

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