Journaling isn’t for everyone and well… some of us take it to another level. #sorrynotsorry

So you may be wondering why I have so many (I have 5-1 not in photo). Let me explain:
🌟1. Happy Planner (daily use) –Β  I use for setting monthly goals, managing my daily to do’s, weekly plans and monthly reminders. I also bought a Fitness Extension where I track my workouts, my food and water intake.
🌟2. Tracker (weekly use) – I use this to track yearly and monthly tasks. Ex. Lates @ work, personal care (face masks, clean make-up brushes etc…) House work and pet care.
🌟3. Meal Planner/Grocery Lists (Every Saturday) – I use this for my weekly meal planning and grocery lists.
🌟4. To Do Lists (whenever) – This is for anything and everything that needs to be done in the house or for myself. These have no time line but are things that need to eventually be done.
🌟5. Personal Journal (Whenever)- This one is use to write my thoughts, frustrations, successes, dreams, goals, you name it.

All these help with decluttering my mind and help with staying focused and on track for ALL areas in my life.
I did try to bullet journal last year but it was very time consuming, frustrating flipping through all the pages to get to a certain tracker, day or whatever. It just wasn’t for me.
This year, I have separated everything for easy access and simpler organization. My goal is to make sure I take time for myself daily to relax and journal. You will see they are not all used daily and they are designated to their own purpose. So it isn’t overwhelming. Some may call it a little crazy, but it really keeps me from going crazy. 😁

Happy Journaling πŸ“–

2 thoughts on “Journaling”

  1. I am in awe of your journalling skills! I always start out journalling in a hypomanic phase and then crash and lose interest.


    1. I was the same with my Bullet Journal because it was a lot to keep up with and became overwhelming. I’d start simple and something that isnt very demanding. I like do to my weekly journals to plan for the week/set goals. It’s not very demanding and helps prepare you for the week ahead. Or even a simple tracker to build a new healthier habit, you can do those every other day or even once a week. I found the less stressful my journal feels to me the more likely I am to stick to it. It’s like any other habit, takes time and many redos to get it to stick.
      Even use a calendar on your phone if you want to as well. Always with you and easy to glance at 😊 Hope that helps ❀

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