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Spilled Milk Book Review

– Spilled Milk By K. L. Randis –

I have wanted to read this novel for quite some time. I am a sexual abuse survivor and this one hit very close to home for me, although not as severe, but still very relatable. Randis displays admirable courage, strength and resilience throughout her childhood and her novel. She did not let the horrific events define her but simply used them to grow and become the success she is today.
This book is a great example of hope for anyone struggling in their own life. Brook shows us that no matter what your circumstances are, you can still seek help and heal.
The book focuses very much on sexual and domestic abuse. But the mental abuse done by her mother can not be overlooked and her lack of empathy and understanding is just as detrimental as the others. Her mother used her children and was never understanding. She drove me crazy.
It also shows you 2 ways people deal with trauma, you either lash out and repeat the process in some kind of way or you move on and work to break the cycle for your own happiness. Brook chose to heal while her siblings continued the unhealthy patterns after their abuser was gone.
The 1 thing I will never understand is how she was so desperate for Paul all those years. After he found out what her dad did to her… he called her disgusting and said he wouldnt touch her with a 10 foot pole. That right there showed you his true character… and that should have been an indication to cut ties and go separate ways. He never apologized for what he said and only for not being there. He also got mad at her for not having sex with him after he found out about the other abuse… it was just baffling to me that she craved something from him and even was flirting and wanted to hang out after all those years. He didn’t deserve any part of her especially because he was showing signs of being controlling like her father.
I understand the context of the novel overshadows writing critiques. It would have been hard enough reliving it all, nevermind make sure your writing was on point. I just saw many areas that were beautifully written and areas that were not up to those same standards.
Overall, it was a great and a highly emotional read. I recommend for everyone who is struggling and for those who need to seek better understanding of people who were a victim of circumstance. Randis has become somewhat of a hero to me and someone to look up to. What a beautiful human that came from a very very very ugly situation. Shes truly amazing.

– 9/10 –

Reading Challenge: 1 of 30 ✌

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