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The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo Book Review

– The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo By Taylor Reid –

Evelyn Hugo is complicated… a woman who uses and manipulates anyone and everyone, so she can make her way up the top in Hollywood. She makes you question your own morals. I am one who could not use people for my own personal gain and discard them after, but Evelyn made me question myself repeatedly throughout this book. I found myself asking why I don’t do that? Why I don’t deserve to go out and get what ever that fuck I want! Haha! When I was coming to terms with the ugly person she is, the heartless find that she has a heart.

Evelyn falls in love with a woman during a time it would be something you could get killed for. Scared to tarnish her image and show her true self to the world, causing an on-again-off-again romance with the love of her life, she continues to be selfish and use those around her. She finally feels she has gotten all shes needed from the fame and decides to be with the only person she has ever loved. But at the end of her life, she is alone and has realized too late what life is all about, love and family. She manipulates and hurts 1 last person, who ends up helping her tell her story and ultimately, telling her truth to the world – Evelyn Hugo is a bisexual and she is proud of it.

This book was a good light read and a very different story line than I usually would enjoy.  I found Evelyn’s story to be more interesting and in depth… Monique, her book writer, fell a little flat for me. It lacked practical conversation and emotion. She was very hard to like and I never understood when she offended Evelyn… the conversation between them wasnt fluent and sometimes confusing at the way they reacted to one another. For that, I’ll give this book a 6/10.

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