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Little Fires Everywhere Book Review

– Little Fires Everywhere By Celeste Ng –

I really enjoyed this book. Like really, really enjoyed it. Well written novels such as this, deserve a review that has no spoilers because I want anyone who reads this, to read “Little Fires Everywhere.”
I love a book that makes you think about our own life. Our own judgement’s we pass habitually, the choices and assumptions we make and how we expect everyone to fit into our view of life instead of accepting others for their individuality and embracing it.
This novel makes you ponder about some really difficult choices that make you keep second guessing about the one you sided with. With all the opposites that come face to face in this novel, rich/poor, jock/nerd, conventional/free-spirited etc.. Celeste makes the dynamic work flawlessly.
She does an excellent job who showing the evolution of each character. Some you start off not really liking, but by the end you can’t help but love them. In the end, the 2 big lessons “Little Fires Everywhere” brought to light is that having a closed mind, planning and perfecting life is not always the most practical way to be and… we should never judge a book by it’s cover.

This one will change your perspective. I promise.

Rating: 9/10
Book Challenge 2019: 25/24

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