Book Club

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas Book Review

– The Boy in the Striped Pajamas By John Boyne –

*Recommend for a quick and easy read*
*Spoilers Below*

This book is a great example of why you should never keep your children in the dark to “protect them.” Even if the truth hurts, or is hard to understand… better to tell them to keep them out of trouble. Unfortunately for Bruno, it cost him his life. I did not see that ending coming and it left me feeling quite disturbed. To read about such innocence mixed up among one of the most horrific wars in history, such negligence and selfishness from his parents, the boy had no fighting chance. Even though it could be repetitive at times, I found it to be a quick easy read. Reminding myself that it was the perspective of a 9 year old made the style understandable. It was easy to follow, not very in-depth and I found the ending to be profoundly impactful and heartbreaking. It was quite short so it was hard for me to LOVE it but it was definitely unforgettable.

Rating – 6/10
Challenge – 3/30

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