Life Lessons



Let me give you some advice. If you are feeling a lot of big emotions.


Or go to any outlet that you have and use your emotion as fuel. Then think and if you need to – act – when you are calmed down.

My boyfriend had recently taught me how powerful it is to walk away and let yourself calm down before approaching any difficult situation.

The old Me would have been reactive. But that never solves anything and usually causes a snowball effect.

So today, I feel all the emotions in their entirety. I let out every negative thought that is in my head. I am 100% unfiltered and honest. I write it out – no matter how ugly it gets.

During this process I will search for the lesson. Get rid off all that negative junk. Remind myself how far I’ve come and that difficult situations have 0 reflection on who I am.

I KNOW I don’t deserve what is happening. •Remember, no one deserves to ever be treated negatively in anyway – no matter who they are as a person.• (Except people who hurt children and animals lol)

Then… I will think of where I will go from here. Cool, calm and collected.

And back to being my happy, loving, giving, big hearted self again


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