Book Club

Furiously Happy Book Review

– Furiously Happy By Jenny Lawson –

Jenny Lawson is an acquired taste. I can tell you that I have never experienced a Love/Dislike (Hates a strong word) relationship with a book.

The first few chapters were a warning for what I was in for, she literally warns you to continue…

What I loved – There were definitely funny parts in the novel where I couldn’t help but openly laugh and that rarely happens for me from reading. I enjoyed when Lawson really opened up about her struggles, where she tells you how hard it is but also tells you how beautiful and worth it all is. Her acceptance is inspiring. We’re Better Than Galileo and the last 3 chapters were my favorites. She was real, told hard truths, discussed her fears, and discussed all the darkness with a rawness topped with a touch of humor. Those were the best. It really warms my heart how much of a community she has and she reminds us all that even in our darkest moments, there is light…. and even humour. 

Rating – 7/10
Book Challenge – 6 of 30

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