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I Found You Book Review

– I Found You by Lisa Jewell –

~ So life has been super crazy lately. Crazy meaning it has been showing me over and over that the decisions you make set you up for what’s to come. I’ve been changing my ways and life continues to provide. All this clarity came with great anxiety…  let me tell you!!!! I am going to write on this more in the coming days but for now, I’ll drop a book review I forgot to post last week. Oh and I’m playing around with a new look for the blog, so this may not be permanent… anyway! Byeeeeeeee ~

It is official – I am a Lisa Jewell fan. I have read a couple of her other books and I continue to always be drawn to them. She has a knack for leaving her readers always wanting more. I Found You was a novel that I could not put down. I LOVED the multiple POVs because it made you constantly want to know what was happening next, wondering how it would all tie in and never left you feeling bored. The characters who needed to be likable were likable and the villain easily hated. The character I liked least was Lily, I felt Jewell lacked in that part of the story. It really had no depth or big revelations, her POV I just wanted to get through to get to the rest of the novel. I didn’t feel Lily’s heartbreak, guilt or remorse… but that could have been due to her culture and/or age. Either way, if she would have changed that section of the book to be more exciting I would have easily given it a 10. Instead, I leave this book with a solid 8 rating and a suggestion to add it to your ever-growing list of Thrillers you should read!!

Book Challenge: 7/30

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