Book Club

Dear Wife Book Review

– Dear Wife By Kimberly Belle –

Whoa. Talk about a mind fuck! I loved it. Love psychological thrillers just like this. The writing was descriptive but fluent. Belle kept you on the edge of your seat and constantly guessing. A book you have a hard time putting down.

You will meet an abused woman on the run, a suspect and the detective. I feel the characters were well thought out and the twists believable. I read other reviews that disagree to it being believable (to each their own)… but my thing is, once any human has been pushed too far – anything is possible. Your true character goes out the window. In this case, she would do ANYTHING to stay alive. Think about it, if you were getting beat to the point that your husband was going to kill you, what lengths would you go to for survival?

I suggest giving this one a read. As Big Brother always says, expect the unexpected.

Rating: 10/10

Book Challenge: 9/30

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