Book Club

Yes Please Book Review

– Yes Please By Amy Poehler –

Not a fan of the time line of the book. Very scattered and confusing.
Lots of name dropping, I dont know who 95% of them are. Probably because of my age and lack of knowledge on celebrities lol
A good read if you are a fan of her and/or comedy.
There were obviously funny moments and I enjoyed the moments where she put her comedic gaurd down. Her life advice was funny but also great. My favorite part was her describing how awesome it is getting older.
I didnt hate it or love it. I left this one feeling like, “Hey, I just finished another book.”
I do have to say my 2nd favorite chapter was “My Boys.” Nothing beats hearing a mom lovingly talk about her children. You could feel the pure love. And her time in Haiti made me tear up.
The best chapter was the last one, no not because the end was in site, but because I felt she was really in her element. I wish the whole book was like that chapter. What I took from this? I want to watch Parks and Recreation now and I think she is pretty damn cool.

Rating: 5/10

Challenge: 19 of 30

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