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The Wife Between Us Book Review

– The Wife Between Us By Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen –

The first half was good but slow. It felt like every day things were being described too often. By the time the big twist happened, I felt 2 things… “Finally! Something happend!” And “How cliche.” I’m a thriller lover and I look for more creative ways for this type of twist to be executed.

So we are now half way and I’m a bit annoyed. This will be harsh but I couldn’t help but think “Wow, this girl is pathetic.” “Nervous Nellie” as Richard liked to call her. The dramatic “Oh no who could it be” or “Am I being watched?” moments were gifted with plenty of eye rolls.

Then to find out why she was nervous. She fled Florida acting like she killed a girl at college when she really had nothing to do with it. Maggie was an adult and old enough to make wiser decisions. Yes, tragic but Nellie dealt with it like she held the girls head under water. Probably would have made for a better book.

Now we have Nellie being this smart, conniving woman and it felt so out of character for me. They played up the nervous/pathetic side of her so much that I found it hard to transition with her personality.

Richard’s demise was SUPER anti-climactic! They could have taken out the whole Jason/Maggie nonsense and spun something twisted with him and his sister.

I felt like the secrets and the truths revealed were not that big of a deal and again, anti-climactic. The last twist was unnecessary.

The Wife Between Us was jumbled and felt like the authors were trying too hard to write that BIG thriller hit. But when you start throwing in all the ideas and all the twists, the story starts to lose its depth and edge. The main story had so much opportunity.

Really disappointed after all the hype.

Rating: 3/10

Challenge: 22 of 30

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