☆ R E F R E S H E D ☆

As you’ve seen, I’ve not really been saying much other than my book reviews. I’m not depressed or suffering, the world was just too loud for me.

Getting to know yourself and your triggers is knowing when to step away if you know something doesnt feel right and you know your mental health could be compromised.

So I backed off… from everything.

COVID hit and I literally shut everything down. I stopped writing, stopped working on my goals, stopped worrying about my house being a little messy, stopped cooking as much, stopped as many responsibilities as I could… I literally stopped caring about anything and decided to just roll with life and go with the flow.

So with the world slowly starting to breath a little more and into a new rhythm, it’s time to get back into my healthy habits and routines.

This 2 month coast has lasted as long as it needed to and I feel refreshed.

I also need to mention, this is the first time I’ve taken a break where I felt 0 guilt about it AND hasn’t been the result of or resulted in depression.

With that mention… I’m only 56 days away from reaching my goal of 1 year stable. I have no idea how I’m going to celebrate just yet.

Going forward… I plan to be more active on here again and so excited to start writing again. Even more excited to crush some more goals I set and get back into routine.

Chat soon 💞
Stay safe xo

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