☆ R E F R E S H E D ☆

As you've seen, I've not really been saying much other than my book reviews. I'm not depressed or suffering, the world was just too loud for me. Getting to know yourself and your triggers is knowing when to step away if you know something doesnt feel right and you know your mental health could be… Continue reading ☆ R E F R E S H E D ☆

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The Wife Between Us Book Review

- The Wife Between Us By Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen - The first half was good but slow. It felt like every day things were being described too often. By the time the big twist happened, I felt 2 things... "Finally! Something happend!" And "How cliche." I'm a thriller lover and I look for… Continue reading The Wife Between Us Book Review

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Lost Lake Book Review

- Lost Lake By Sarah Addison Allen - Lost lake was a cute read. Predictable but cute. Allen made it easy for the reader to lose themselves in the novel with the descriptive scenery and quirky characters. It's full of grief, love, healing, community, friendships, family and finding where you belong. A sweet story.Great beach… Continue reading Lost Lake Book Review

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Any Man Review

- Any Man By Amber Tamblyn - Talk about a debut book coming out with a BANG. Tamblyn took a creative approach and also based her book on a subject that is so taboo. This was another audiobook for me and I'm glad it was. She had 14 narrators and it really brought the novel… Continue reading Any Man Review

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Yes Please Book Review

- Yes Please By Amy Poehler - Not a fan of the time line of the book. Very scattered and confusing.Lots of name dropping, I dont know who 95% of them are. Probably because of my age and lack of knowledge on celebrities lolA good read if you are a fan of her and/or comedy.There… Continue reading Yes Please Book Review