The Right Path

I can sit here and tell you honestly, being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder came with a heaviness that I could never quite shake. Reconnecting with myself and my love for writing gave me a way to tell my story. On paper, online, anyway I could spread awareness for this disorder through my hands, I did… Continue reading The Right Path


Too Much of a Good Thing

My mind reminded me this week that you can never have too much of a good thing. I mean that term like "You've been stable for too long, let me (Bipolar) remind you I'll always be here to fuck with you" I was feeling off starting on Monday and it has progressively gotten worse. It… Continue reading Too Much of a Good Thing


Operation Big Butt – REVAMP

  So I'm starting over. Ya that's right. Time to switch things up. Week 1/Day 1 I have been doing my usual routine and I feel like I am getting nowhere. As you read in my last post.. half-assing it. I feel like I'm just cruising along like a turtle. So I'm going to change… Continue reading Operation Big Butt – REVAMP

Depression, Fitness

Cupcakes and Wobbly Pops

                       Who doesn't like a freshly made cupcake and some wobbly pops? I know I do!!! I love cupcakes, chocolate, ice cream, take out food (it's easy), wine (oh em gee), Fireball (my fav), cold beer on a summer afternoon and Cheladas... I could go… Continue reading Cupcakes and Wobbly Pops