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Little Fires Everywhere Book Review

- Little Fires Everywhere By Celeste Ng - I really enjoyed this book. Like really, really enjoyed it. Well written novels such as this, deserve a review that has no spoilers because I want anyone who reads this, to read "Little Fires Everywhere."I love a book that makes you think about our own life. Our… Continue reading Little Fires Everywhere Book Review

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Spilled Milk Book Review

- Spilled Milk By K. L. Randis - I have wanted to read this novel for quite some time. I am a sexual abuse survivor and this one hit very close to home for me, although not as severe, but still very relatable. Randis displays admirable courage, strength and resilience throughout her childhood and her… Continue reading Spilled Milk Book Review

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When hurtful truths come to light, you can let it get you down but don't let it keep you down.I've been angry and I've cried a lot this past week. It was when I sat down with my boyfriend he asked me 2 things, How long have you been carry this? And what good has… Continue reading Growth


I’m Not “Reliable” Enough

The people who are closest to you will hurt you the most and also be the hardest to forgive. This, I've learned.You are born into the unconditional love and protection of your parents, but that is not always true. This, I've also learned. Every time I try to find forgiveness, it seems to slip through… Continue reading I’m Not “Reliable” Enough


It’s Time!

It's time to write again!!! I took a much needed break because I knew life was about to get so busy... and it did. Summers are always a chaotic time for me, camping, visiting friends, family and this summer my best friend got married!!! AAahh! that was super fun!! I wish we had like 2… Continue reading It’s Time!