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Brain Fuel

Chicken Meatballs and Mashed Cauliflower ☆Fueling for a healthy mind☆Homemade Chicken Meatballs and Mashed Cauliflower 🤤Hands down, one of my favorite meals! When living with a Mental Disorder, I don't think people understand how IMPORTANT what we put into our bodies is.Heck I don't for the most part 🙈But the first step is realizing you… Continue reading Brain Fuel


Ruuun Forest Ruuuun

As one of my favorite customers likes to say "If I was doing any better, I couldn't handle it." I feel that today. Went for my first outside run of the year and it was fantastic. Blows the treadmill out of the water! The sun shining, my favorite tunes playing and fresh air!!!!! God it… Continue reading Ruuun Forest Ruuuun


Exhausted and Restless

What a weird combination right? Ya, I have to live with it and figure out how to find balance. Lately I have been feeling strung out. That's the best way to describe me. I have been on the go constantly with work, doctors appointments, my stepdaughters baseball, having a social life and keeping the house tidy… Continue reading Exhausted and Restless


Operation Big Butt – REVAMP

  So I'm starting over. Ya that's right. Time to switch things up. Week 1/Day 1 I have been doing my usual routine and I feel like I am getting nowhere. As you read in my last post.. half-assing it. I feel like I'm just cruising along like a turtle. So I'm going to change… Continue reading Operation Big Butt – REVAMP


Operation Big Butt – Week 3

Killing it! My gym partner, from 2 years ago, has joined me again which is great. Keeps me accountable and helps me get my ass out of bed in the morning. I have always wanted to wake up at 5am so I could have more free time to work out, clean up a bit and get… Continue reading Operation Big Butt – Week 3