As I sit in my kitchen, glass of wine and my favorite music playing, I start to feel this dark cloud that has been hovering over me the last while, start to lift. It's not that I have been depressed, just very unmotivated and tired... oh so tired. I try to fight it, but sometimes… Continue reading Plans

Life Lessons

Imma Do Me

  Omg it's been a month... I'm the worst! Sorry I have not been posting lately. Life has been so busy with it being summer and all. Honestly, I've been trying to enjoy life to the fullest and spend as much time with my loved ones. Family and friends have always been important to me,… Continue reading Imma Do Me


Pity Party

It's been awhile. Sorry I've been absent but I assume you understand. I've been wanting to write but just haven't found the time between work, appointments, exercises, spending time with friends and family and finding strength in my hand. If I would have written a week ago, it would have been in a much happier… Continue reading Pity Party

Gratitude, Life Lessons

I’m Baaaaaaaaaccckkkk!!!

For those of you who don't have me on social media, you may be wondering why I had to take a sudden break... A month ago, as of tomorrow, I was in an ice fishing accident with an ice auger where I ended up losing my pinky and most of my ring finger on my… Continue reading I’m Baaaaaaaaaccckkkk!!!


Forever Friends

    Hello!!! Wow life seems to be flying by! I felt especially busy this week because I was going to the gym in the evenings, so I was just constantly moving around and trying to make sure life ran smoothly. Life did run smoothly and I reached my goal for my Operation Big Butt… Continue reading Forever Friends