Forever Friends

    Hello!!! Wow life seems to be flying by! I felt especially busy this week because I was going to the gym in the evenings, so I was just constantly moving around and trying to make sure life ran smoothly. Life did run smoothly and I reached my goal for my Operation Big Butt… Continue reading Forever Friends


Operation Big Butt – Week 3

Killing it! My gym partner, from 2 years ago, has joined me again which is great. Keeps me accountable and helps me get my ass out of bed in the morning. I have always wanted to wake up at 5am so I could have more free time to work out, clean up a bit and get… Continue reading Operation Big Butt – Week 3


Operation Big Butt – Week 1 and 2

Exercise and eating healthy is so vital to living a stable life with Bipolar Disorder. I have mentioned previously that this was going to be my focus going forward so I thought... why not blog about it and have you guys follow me on this journey and also be there to hold me accountable! I started… Continue reading Operation Big Butt – Week 1 and 2