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The say men are now afraid.I can't help but not feel sorry for themDo you remember us in the 'good ole days'It about time they had a taste of their own medicineFinally women have a sayGod forbid she tell you not to touch her that wayFinally women have a voiceGod forbid she finally has a… Continue reading Women


This is Revenge and I’m Here to Save my Name.

A Letter To My Ex They say love is blind But that wasn't love I was just blind. We shared many firsts in our love affair You were the first boy to cheat on me 1, 2, maybe 13 You were the first to slip me cocaine and ecstasy And that choke hold, only you… Continue reading This is Revenge and I’m Here to Save my Name.

Life Lessons

Daddy’s Little Girl

I think it's time to share how being sexually abused has affected my life. How it fucked with my head, especially because of the fact my father was the one who abused me. The one man every little girl is supposed to feel safest with... the one man I was supposed to trust with my… Continue reading Daddy’s Little Girl