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Then She Was Gone Book Review

- Then She Was Gone By Lisa Jewell - Lisa Jewell is officially one of my favorite authors. All her books I've read are enjoyable, great character development, balanced, a little twisted and I can never put them down. Even if it's not "Omg that was crazy" kind of good, they are still good. Then… Continue reading Then She Was Gone Book Review

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I Found You Book Review

- I Found You by Lisa Jewell - ~ So life has been super crazy lately. Crazy meaning it has been showing me over and over that the decisions you make set you up for what's to come. I've been changing my ways and life continues to provide. All this clarity came with great anxiety... … Continue reading I Found You Book Review

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The Girls in the Garden Book Review

- The Girls in the Garden by Lisa Jewell - *Spoiler Alerts*I read one of Lisa Jewell's books before, The House We Grew Up In... so I knew going into this that her stories evolve at a slower pace. Well this one was slower than the last and a bit anti-climatic. It was a nice… Continue reading The Girls in the Garden Book Review