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Regrets? I have a few.

February has been shit to say the least. I find January and February to be the most trying months when it comes to my moods. I think next year I might be proactive and up my meds before winter lol. January wasn't as bad, but this month... fuck, so shitty moodwise. You would think it… Continue reading Regrets? I have a few.


Too Much of a Good Thing

My mind reminded me this week that you can never have too much of a good thing. I mean that term like "You've been stable for too long, let me (Bipolar) remind you I'll always be here to fuck with you" I was feeling off starting on Monday and it has progressively gotten worse. It… Continue reading Too Much of a Good Thing


Forever Friends

    Hello!!! Wow life seems to be flying by! I felt especially busy this week because I was going to the gym in the evenings, so I was just constantly moving around and trying to make sure life ran smoothly. Life did run smoothly and I reached my goal for my Operation Big Butt… Continue reading Forever Friends


I Wish It Was Just A Bad Hair Day.

                        What a perfect day to talk about goal setting. I started off having a shitty day and I'm happy to inform you that it hasn't gotten any better, I'm just taking it hour by hour and taking deep breaths so I don't walk… Continue reading I Wish It Was Just A Bad Hair Day.


Half-Assin It

(Included- Week 4-6 Update Of Operation Big Butt) I feel like I have been half-assing life. Half-assing my workouts, half-assing my reading and learning I want to get done, half-assing my to-do lists, half-assing my goals. Half-assing everything really. I blame the weather, I'm so fucking over winter and how cold it is. Haha. I… Continue reading Half-Assin It