Ruuun Forest Ruuuun

As one of my favorite customers likes to say "If I was doing any better, I couldn't handle it." I feel that today. Went for my first outside run of the year and it was fantastic. Blows the treadmill out of the water! The sun shining, my favorite tunes playing and fresh air!!!!! God it… Continue reading Ruuun Forest Ruuuun


Sunday Checkin

☆Beginning of the week check in☆ ••••• What a perfect morning for an hour long stroll on the treadmill.. wish I was outside but just gotta be patient. Fuckin winter 🙄 ••••• For some, today is a day of relaxation. For me, my day will be filled with my family, grocery shopping, meal prep, getting… Continue reading Sunday Checkin

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Regrets? I have a few.

February has been shit to say the least. I find January and February to be the most trying months when it comes to my moods. I think next year I might be proactive and up my meds before winter lol. January wasn't as bad, but this month... fuck, so shitty moodwise. You would think it… Continue reading Regrets? I have a few.


You Win, But Only For Today

------You can embrace me tonight while I'm too weak to fight------   Depression has a funny way of showing up sometimes. You can either see it coming from a mile away, or you just wake up one day and it's got a choke-hold on you. I, unfortunately, woke up in a choke-hold. I was hoping… Continue reading You Win, But Only For Today


Operation Big Butt – Week 1 Recap

Week 1 complete!! Physically, I'm feeling great! I have been eating better; lots of protein, fruit and veggies. I had a cheat meal (pizza) and a couple cheat snacks (chips and 1 chocolate bar) but even after eating them, I was not bloated or moody like I usually am. So far success. My workouts have… Continue reading Operation Big Butt – Week 1 Recap